Coarse Triangular Felting Needles #36 gauge x 3 (blue)

3 x #36 gauge Coarse Triangular Felting Needles
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Needle Felting Needles.....almost all you need to know

these EU made felting needles are extremely high quality and sized by their wire gauge....the higher the number the finer the wire.....and we have painted the handle end of the needle with differing colours to help you identify them............

our main stock consists of

#40 gauge Fine (triangular) Needles - especially suited to fine, detailed work (orange colour)

#40 gauge Fine Twisted Needles - these needles have a twisted length and cut felting times by tangling more fibres with each stabbing movement (mint colour)

#38 gauge Medium (star) Needles - these are the main size we use for general felting and what we supply in all of our felting kits (red colour)

#38 gauge Medium Twisted Needles - for speedy work (green colour)

#36 gauge Coarse (triangular) Needles - ideal for larger pieces or for dealing with coarser fibres (blue colour)

all of these needles have the barbs along the length of the needle to catch the fibres as they pass through and tangle them together to create felted material...

They are extremely sharp and care must be taken when using them...we do not recommend them for children under approx 12 and always with adult supervision

Needles do is usually a case of wrong technique...the needle must be inserted and removed in a straight line should not be twisted or bent as this can cause stress and breakage of the needle....


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